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clearance before cleaning or cleaning before clearance!

The order of clearance and cleaning, whether it’s clearance before cleaning or cleaning before clearance, can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the nature of the project. Each approach has its advantages and considerations, and the choice may depend on factors such as the type of space being cleared, the extent of clutter or debris, and the end goal of the project.

  1. Clearance Before Cleaning: When opting for clearance before cleaning, the primary focus is on removing clutter, debris, or unwanted items from the space before initiating the cleaning process. This approach is commonly used in scenarios where the area has accumulated a significant amount of junk, old furniture, or waste that needs removal.


  • Clears Space for Cleaning: By removing clutter and unwanted items first, the cleaning process becomes more accessible, as there are no obstructions or obstacles to navigate around.
  • Efficient Waste Disposal: Clearance before cleaning allows for the organized and systematic removal of waste and unwanted items, ensuring proper disposal and recycling of materials.
  • Prioritizes Safety: Clearing the space first eliminates potential safety hazards, making the cleaning process safer for the cleaning team and reducing the risk of accidents.


  • Extra Time and Effort: The clearance process can take time, particularly if there is a significant amount of clutter or bulky items to remove, which may delay the start of the cleaning phase.
  • Cleaning Requires a Separate Effort: With clearance as a separate step, it might be necessary to plan and coordinate cleaning services after the clearance process is complete.
  1. Cleaning Before Clearance: In some cases, cleaning before clearance might be preferred, especially if the space is not overly cluttered, and the main goal is to tidy up or prepare for subsequent activities.


  • Immediate Results: Cleaning before clearance offers instant visual improvements, making the space appear cleaner and more organized from the start.
  • Cleaning Focus: By tackling the cleaning process first, the team can fully concentrate on making the space presentable without the need to worry about simultaneous clearance.


  • Disruption During Clearance: If cleaning is done before clearance, there may be a need to temporarily relocate cleaned items during the clearance process, which could create some inconvenience.
  • Missed Clutter Identification: Cleaning first may obscure or make it more challenging to identify clutter or items that need to be cleared, potentially leading to oversight.

Ultimately, the decision to choose clearance before cleaning or vice versa will depend on the specific project requirements and the preferences of the cleaning and clearance team involved. Proper planning and communication between both teams are essential to ensure a successful and efficient project outcome.

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