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Prices for Removals services

Below prices are Hourly rate prices. If you would like to get a fixed quote, please fill in the online quote form and provide us with the inventory of your move, you can also book our movers online as well.

We guarantee the best price, We are happy to beat or match any genuine quote you have from other providers

Hourly Rates (Two Hours Minimum):

  • One Man and a Van: £50 per hour
  • Two Men and a Van: £70 per hour
  • Three Men and a Van: £85 per hour

Mileage Charges:

  • For the second destination over 20 miles away: £1 per mile
  • No mileage charge if the second destination is less than 20 miles away.

Fixed Price Quote:

  • The fixed price quote will depend on the size of the items and the distances involved. Our customers can choose between the hourly rates or the fixed price quote based on their preferences and needs.

Please note that the minimum charge for any removals job is two hours. If you have any specific requirements or need a customized quote for your move, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist you in planning your relocation.

1 Man & Van

£50 per hour

2 Men & Van

£70 per hour

3 Men & van

£85 per hour